Federica Frati was born in Brescia (Lombardy, Italy) in 1977 where she lives and works. She attended an art school where she learned the main artistic techniques. After two years of attendance at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, she graduated at the University of Milan in modern literature. In addiction to teaching literature, since 2009, Federica creates engraving prints at the Luciano Pea (professor of engraving at the city’s arts academy) laboratory. From her prints derive several other works, such as pai Read more...ntings and monotypes, where the color and black ink scratch the sheet and turn into a new material. Her practice investigates the inner reality of human being meant as a defenceless creature at the mercy of an empty and cold Firmament. In 2015 Federica won the XXXVII edition of Matteo Olivero contest in the city of Saluzzo (Piedmont, Italy) and in 2017 she collaborated with the international literary review Beautiful Losers.

Skills: woodcut etching