10 Aug - 31 Oct

10 Aug - 31 Oct

Alijó Celeirós Chaves Favaios Foz Côa Peso Régua S. Martinho de Anta Vila Real


11th Printmaking Biennial of Douro Catalogue

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The 11th Biennial of Douro without limits

Based on the oldest demarcated wine region in the world - the Douro and winner of two heritages of humanity granted by UNESCO is world renowned both for its vineyard landscape and for the archaeological heritage of the Côa Valley. Here is the largest sanctuary of Paleolithic engraving of the world, but the Douro is also in the contemporary scene one of the biggest events of graphic art in the world, creating a strength and dimension that goes beyond the borders of the country and is projected for infinite horizons.

Pursuing this aim and ambition achieved, the Biennial of Douro has overcome the challenges of interiority, the economic crisis, the cultural crisis, the engraving crisis itself and it has kept alive the assumptions of the art and the autonomy of the printmaking in the context of the contemporary art. To this end, have contributed the traditional printmaking and its secular alchemy, but also, the renewed trend of digital printmaking and the new media at their disposal, in order to give it the autonomy it needs to survive. The open field to the printmaking by the new hybrid languages and nontoxic techniques, have designed it impact in an innovative way and with the vitality so long desired in its fields.

The Curator, Nuno Canelas

Global Event

There are over two hundred biennials in the world, but it is not every city that can hold a Biennial.It is necessary for a biennial to born and to grow, a clear awareness that the issue of the identity in the contemporary world has other problems that go beyond national or regional identities. The construction of this identity is much more complex than the question of the nation or of the region. A touristic region as the Douro, needs an International art Biennial that confirms internationally it's modernity and entrepreneurship.

The Best Artists

Assuming the responsibility of being the unique Biennial of graphic work of the country, its evolution since its origin in 2001, placed it on an unimaginable level today, abreast of the most important biennials in the world. To prove this, we highlight the exhibition tribute to world-renowned artists such as Antoni Tàpies, Paula Rego, Vieira da Silva, Octave Landuyt, Gil Teixeira Lopes, Nadir Afonso, David de Almeida, Bartolomeu do Santos, Júlio Pomar, José de Guimarães and Silvestre Pestana, but also by the breadth and internationality reached with more than 1.000 artists form 100 countries represented from all continents.

Big event

65 Countries, 500 artists, 800 prints, 8 exhibitions (Alijó, Celeirós, Chaves, Favaios, Foz Côa, Peso da Régua, São Martinho de Anta, Vila Real) Comissioners: Portugal, Brazil, Austria, America, Canada, China, Italy, Poland, Romania, Sweeden.

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Alijó Library of Alijó | Municipal Swimming Pool | Municipal Auditorium
Celeirós Wine Farm of Portal
Chaves Municipal Archive of Chaves | Museum of the Flaviense Region
Favaios Wine and Bread Museum
Foz Côa Côa Museum
Peso Régua Municipal Auditorium | Douro Museum
S. Martinho de Anta Miguel Torga Cultural Center
Vila Real Vila Real Theater

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