She was born in Italy in 1994 and she’s a Graphic Art grad from both the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. The emotion surging from the energy and sweetness of a pencil touching the paper is able to enlighten the world that surround us; it is at the source of every image she keeps in her notebooks. To leave a mark is to make an act of sincerity: to her it means leaving the silent trace of a passage, it’s a mark that becomes the memory of a sight. It is throug Read more...h to the observation of a drawing that we can actually retrace the sight of whoever outlined it. The hand moves on the paper thanks to an experience coming to us through the first signs ever marked on cave walls, marks that are testimony of the surging of a miracle still to this day. The use of the chalcographic engraving combines the miraculous creation of a mark with the miracle of printing.

Skills: installation


10th Biennial