Adrian Timar


Born: 1954 in Deva, Romania. He studied at the Cluj-Napoca graphics arts at the Academy of Fines Arts, getting his degree in 1980. Passionate about sailing, drawing, photography, engraving, intaglio, silkscreen, litho, - made numerous exhibitions, (and expedition in Danube Delta). Participation in cultural events with installations, films, happenings. It is characterized to be an abstract expressionist, with gesturalism influences. Recently passionate for polaroid photography, create drawings with integrates lift imag Read into spontaneous expressions. He teaches drawing and painting in Brasov Arts College “Hans Mattis-Teutsch”, Member of the Artists' Union of Romania U.A.P. Map of several significant exhibitions: from Napa Art Center, California, by Krakow, Giza, Cairo, to Kanagawa-ken Yokohama-shi, Japan.

Skills: digital print


9th Biennial