Fausto De Marinis


Fausto de Marinis was born on 23 February 1938 in Harar (Ethiopia). He started painting at a remarkably young age and, throughout his career as an artist, he partecipated in several individual and collective exhibitions, both in Italy and abroad. Being enthralled by engraving techniques, he produced a series of chalcographic and xylographic works, which are currently held in museums as well as private collections. The last important events organized in recent years are here summarized. In 2009 he won the National Engr Read more...aving Competition, organized by the National Associations of Italian Engravers. In 2009 and 2011 he participated in the 6th and 7th International Small Engraving Exhibition in Cremona. In 2012, he was invited to these exhibition: Italian Xylography: From the International Exposition of Levanto until today, 1912 -2012; 2nd Biennial of Contemporary Graphic Arts “Premio Diego Donati” (Perugia); Il Boccaccio Inciso (The Engraved Boccaccio); as well as to the exposition of Italian Contemporary Engravers in Uzice (Serbia). In the same year he realizes his solo exhibition Diario in Kormend (Hungary) and Cordovado (Pordenone),. In 2014 he organized his solo exhibition Carte Dipinte (Painted Cards) in Maribor (Slovenia) and he participated in the collective exhibition Viaggio a Nord Est (Travel to the Northeast) in Lendava (Slovenia). In 2015, he participated to the event Painting and Graphics: six solo art exhibition, held at the Casa Museo Sartori in Castel d'Ario (Mantua).

Skills: xilografia


8th Biennial