Haruko Cho


Haruko Cho Profile (Japan) 1977 BFA Tokyo University of the Arts. 2003 The Univ.of the Boston Museum Japan government sponsered program Prize 1996 China/Japan Art Exchange Exhibition(Shanghai)Gold/Grand Prize 1997 The 26th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan(Tokyo/Kyoto) Saitama Museum of Modern Art Prize 1998 The 27th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan(Tokyo/Kyoto) Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art Prize *2001 The 8th Liquitex Biennale Exhibition・Glenn Brill Prize 2003 International Print Triennial Krakow(Pola Read more...nd)Regular Award  2007 Guanlan International Print Biennial(China)Prize  2008 The 8th BHARAT BHAVAN International Print Biennial(India)Prize  2011 The 2nd Triennial in Warsaw IMPRINT(Poland)The 3rd Prize 2012 The 1st Imaginario Mini Print (Argentina)The Second Prize 2016 The 4th Miniprint Kazanlak (Bulgaria)The Honorable Mention Prize 

Skills: Piezograph


10th Biennial
8th Biennial

* The new edition's prints will be released on the 10/08/2020.