Hugo Ender


Hugo Ender was born in 1941 and lives and works in Götzis, Austria. The artist attended a vocational school for painters in Innsbruck from 1958 to 1961 and completed with a master craftman´s certificate. For the next eleven years Hugo Ender worked as a Painter in his father´s business. Since 1972 he has been working as an independent artist and graphic designer. Hugo Ender is a member of DA Design Austria and the association of visual artists Vorarlberg. The artist taught freehand drawing at the HTL in Rankweil fr Read 1994 to 2003. Since 2005 Hugo Ender has been a member of XYLON Austria, the xylography association. 
Stage designs in Austria and neighboring countries, book illustrations and xylographic art works are part of the artist´s work. In 2007 „Lineamente“, a bibliophilic book was released, containing the artist´s xylographic and poems of Joseph Kopf. This book was awarded one of the most beautiful books of Austria in 2007. Hugo Ender´s numerous exhibitions in and around Austria have enjoyed great popularity.

Skills: woodcut color woodcut