The starting points for my work are time, location and state. The work takes the form of objects, installations and performances, made individually or in collaboration with others. My interest reveals around places that have a strong connection to the ground. Some are dense, concentrated, overgrown. Others carry the imprint of past activities. Some places open themselves and invite action. The choice of colour and material is crucial. I fold, print, crease, build, pack, and pleat wool, felt and iron. I do crochet Read metal and other coarser materials and experiment with different types of colour. Combining the works with video, photo and audio Scholarship/ Grants / Residences 2018 -19 2-years working grant, Swedish visual arts Found 2018 Space becomes space, NOT QUITE Fengersfors Sweden 2017 Scholarship at Textilsetur, Blönduos, Iceland Nordic Culture Point 2015 II Internationell Textile Symposium, Daugavpils, Lativia 2015 IASPIS The Swedish Arts Grants Committee 2014 Swedish Institute, Paris France

Skills: blockprint