Nubia Landell


Nubia Landell is an artist who started painting in 1996, driven by a strong interest in the exploration of colour. This lead the artist to a field trip looking for pigments in Asia, in Nepal, Singapore and Thailand in 2003. Later on, Nubia Landell extensively used also other techniques such as graphics, photography, collage and mosaic. The artist works under a sort of impulse, experimenting these techniques and using sketches almost only when preparing mosaics. Frequent themes the artist explores are related to intern Read and external spaces, landscapes, nature, land and the mother earth. With the passing of time, figures tend to become less figurative in her work. The artist defines herself as a painter, as when working with other techniques, the most striking element which surfaces is colour. When dealing with oil painting, there is not an initial, determinate idea leading her through the composition. Working with layers, the colour builds itself, creating perspective and slowly suggesting the final outcome. Nubia Landell does not start a composition by directly looking at the represented objects, on the contrary she absorbs elements from the landscapes she is willing to represent, to lately condense them in a synthesis. When presenting images to the public, beholders feel a sort of appropriation for elements they think they can recognize. The theme of belonging to internal (emotional) and external (physical) spaces, is often explored by the artist also in relation to her personal experience. Born in Mexico, Nubia Landell reflects on the condition of affection for determined places, examining the German notion of heimat. In her work, the only aspect which can draw her to the Mexican artistic tradition is colour and a thorough research on light, whereas the themes she develops diverge from those which are frequently explored in Mexico. She finds inspiration in mountain landscapes, in the earth, in the little houses which can be found in Swiss villages, and also in creating an interaction between human beings and nature, whilst reflecting on the beauty of mother earth. Nubia Landell is a multifaceted artist who is keen on dealing with new challenges, always changing size in the supports she uses and experimenting various techniques. Her work has been exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Germany. She is currently studio manager and technician of the Lithographie- und Radierwerkstatt Schloss in Haldenstein.

Skills: injekt print