Olivia Pegoraro


Olivia Pegoraro was born in 1975, she granted Academic diploma in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice. In 2002 she qualified as Engraver-Printer at Il Bisonte of Firenze. She works and lives in Piovene-R.(VI) Italy. She has exhibiting since 1992 in many exhibitions including: Canali / Canales in Venice and Madrid, 51st Venice Biennial, 6th and 7th World Triennials of Chamalieres, 8th World Art Print in Sofia, "Nuovi Confini" in Catania, Noto , Bucharest and Valencia, "Il Bisonte agli Uffizi" Read more... at the Uffizi Gallery of Firenze, "L’incisione contemporanea nelle tre Venezie" at the BNU in Turin, 2nd Papermade at Schio (VI), 2nd Enter into Art in Cologne, Nassau and Diez, "Mirror face to face" at the Triennial Museum in Bitola, Vicenza and Vas, Biennial of Bucharest 2016, etc. While among the 40 solo exhibitions: Il Bisonte gallery of Florence in 2004, Print Museum of Soncino (CR), F.Barocci gallery - Collegio Raffaello of Urbino, "La Medusa" Gallery in Este. She's part of the Association Contemporary Engravers.

Skills: etching drypoint drypoint