Aleksandra Prusinowska


Aleksandra Prusinowska born 1986 in Gdynia (Poland). Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk at the Faculty of Painting and Graphic Arts. In 2010, she obtained her diploma in painting at the studio led by Prof. Maciej Świeszewski with a supplement in linocut under Prof. Czesław Tumielewicz. In 2012 she got the Bachelor’s degree in graphics. She is currently working as a support assistant to professor Janusz Akermann in Linouct Studio of Fine Arts Academy in Gdańsk. Her oil paintings often depict images of Read more... night dreams. She is particularly interested in linocut techniques, thanks to which she tells stories about relations between people and environment in a very poetic style. She often takes part in various exhibitions and has been successful in several competitions: 2015 – Winner in the competition held by Franciszka Eibisch’s Foundation, 2014 - Winner of 5th National Marain Michalik’s competition with the award from the director of the Częstochowa City Gallery, 2011 – scholarships from Culture & National Inheritance Minister, 2010 – The 2nd award in the „Hestia Artistic Journey” competition.

Skills: linocut