Alina Jackiewicz-Kaczmarek


Painting studies in Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk at the Faculty of Painting, Graphic Arts, major painting. She defended her MA in 1979. She is a head of studio of intaglio-print in at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In 2013, she received from the President of the Republic of Poland the title of professor in field of Fine Arts. Her fields of artistic creation are printmaking, drawing, painting and photography of nature. Her works have been presented in 39 solo exhibitions and more than 160 group exhibitions in Po Read, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, the Netherlands, Japan, Korea, Canada and the USA. Laureate of 33 awards and distinctions. In 2015, she received Medal of honour –Merit for Polish Culture- given by Minister of Culture and National Heritage in Warsaw. The essential theme of the artist’s work is the nature, undisturbed by human activity. The graphic works are effects of inspiration brought to the author by sailing in the sea and traveling. Nature is the main motive of her works, in which she shows the magic and beauty of the natural world. Throughout the artistic period, the author’s compositions there are recurrent scenes of extensive coasts, mountain ranges, fjords, Arctic glaciers and mysterious islands.

Skills: aquatint intaglio aquatint