Born in 1987 in Constanta, Romania, based in Innsbruck, Austria since 2012. Member of the Art Club "Clubul Elevilor" 2012-2016 and reproducing biblical glass paintings. Finished the High-School of Art "Regina Maria" Constanta in 2006 and graduated from the University of Architecture and Urban Planning "Ion Mincu" Bucharest in 2012. In 2018-2019 studied 1 year at the Academy of Arts Tyrol in Rum, Austria. My work is based on Series of at least 3 pieces that are very often inspired by biblical s Read more...tories and writings with decoration elements inspired from old Romanian glass paintings. I have been exploring with techniques as etching, linocut, woodcut, but my main technique is gouache painting in which I have done many of my works such as: "Original Sin", "The birth of Human Kind", "The Divinity", "Eva" and others. My art shows spaces of transition and becoming. Superficial reality is consisting in clearly defined shapes, colors, sounds and smells, but the true essence is hidden underneath. This underground is much more diffuse for me and in constant movement. "Being" contains in my opinion so many layers, which I have represented in my picture series. It is not about a temporal transformation, but different Snapshots of special events at show in all their tangible levels. All of my Representations show the same reality.

Skills: linocut