Anna Mishina-Vaskova


Anna was born in St. Petersburg in the family of artist Valery Mishina (Мишин,_Валерий_Андреевич) and poet Tamara Bukovskaya (Буковская,_Тамара_Симоновна). Graduated from high school at the State Russian Museum. She received her first higher education at the department of directing at the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts. Then graduated from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography, where Read more...she got her second higher education. Later got an additional higher education at the Faculty of Arts of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. I am engaged in art photography and am a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and the International Union of Artists. Since 2000 I have been working on television, as a director and producer of various television programs and documentaries. Judging by the fact that I do a lot of things, you can conclude - I am interested in everything that is happening around me, all that concerns my friends and contemporaries. The all-encompassing art of photography is the only way to capture what is happening "here and now" all that the human eye sees, without much loss. Of course, most people have different points of view, different selectivity of vision, but this is what gives rise to a special interest in the photographic canvas and makes you think about the transience of life. A camera in the hands of an artist is not just a working tool, it is your "third eye", it is your and only your view of the world, it is your reality. For me the possibility of individual creativity and all the diversity of the magic of a single and unique life are combined in photography. In essence, everything that happens to a person in this life is not by chance. I realized that all my previous human and professional experience was a prelude to serious photo art, which combined everything: technical achievements of new time, and freedom of expression of the artist, and those traits of dramatic art, which are characteristic of photography, when a photographer remained behind the scenes, becomes both a dramatist and a director. That is how personal, subjective and objective aspects of photography merged for me: the impressions of my childhood and adolescence, spent in my artist fathe’s studio, among canvases and paints, slashes, chisels and paper rolls. the light of the stage, the sharpness of the director’s eye and the precision of the acting solution, all of this was brought into my experience by my two cinema professions; the vividness of my response to momentary events, the mark of my television experience. Only all of these plus the most important of all constituent elements - life, human experience and openness of heart - become prerequisites for serious creative work, for the freedom of creative self-expression, the significance and selfvalue of which for art and history the artist has to prove anew every time.  Exhibitions: Major exhibitions in Moscow: ’Face of Poetic Nationality’, Solzhenitsyn Foundation , ’Antiterror’ Moscow, Kentavr Gallery , ’Life-size’, Moscow House of Sculptor . Exhibitions in Saint Petersburg: ’Experiment’, Central Exhibition Hall , ’Photomarathon’ ’Dialogues’, Manezh Exhibition Hall , ’Experiment’, Manezh Exhibition Hall , ’Recitual Photography’, Summer Garden - State Russian Museum , ’Photomarathon’ , personal exhibition at JAMHOLL, ’Recitual Photography by Anna Mishina-Vaskova’ . Her works are in the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Pushkin Museum in St. Petersburg, in the collection of the CEH Manege in St. Petersburg, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art «Freedom, freedom, liberty, liberté, libertad», Foto Wien biennale.