Beatrice Carlson

New Zealand

I am a Printmaker with a fashion design background…From 2010, I have been creating “Unwearable” pieces, come-back to fashion in the making. Those pieces are in a constant move. They evolve thru the different medium, corresponding to each other to create a more rich and dense narrative: My imagery talks about identity, fashion, obsessions. As a Printmaker I create Solarplate Etchings, the least toxic technique, important part of my Art Ethic. Etchings are intimate; they need a close contact in the process a Read more...nd the print resulting requires a closer look to absorb all the details. It is a refine medium, very tactile, close to my feelings for textile. Every medium and piece is interactive. From a garment, I create an Etching. From a piece, I create an artwork, a print that I use in a garment. My etchings are represented in New Zealand, Japan, Dubai, Belgium, New Mexico.

Skills: solarplate etching