Belmin Pilevneli


Pilevneli is a visual artist who primarily paints and works with paper, creating intricate circular compositions that explore new life cycles and alternate worlds, referring to cultural diversity. Her work has been displayed at various exhibitions internationally, including fairs and venues like the Hybrid Art Fair (2023, Madrid), Paper Ink Print Festival (London, 2023), House of Illustration (London, 2018), Soho House (Istanbul, 2019), and in galleries such as Espacio Gallery (London, 2020), Pilevneli Gallery (Istanb Read more...ul, 2019), Galeri Miz (Istanbul 2016-17), and PG Art Gallery. Pilevneli has also been represented by organizations such as Rise Art, Made in Arts London, Creative Debuts, and Chrom-Art. Her solo shows include "Are You In Love" at Galeri Miz (Istanbul), "Love Me, Love Me" at Shipton Street Gallery (London), "To Belong" at Casa 22 (Bursa) with Artate Art, and "From Kybele’s Eye, at Galeri Fe (Istanbul)". Pilevneli draws inspiration from nature, psychology and different cultures, blending elements of Turkish and Eastern cultural elements with contemporary Western influences.