Bo Suk Lee

South Korea

Bo Suk Lee is a visual and installation artist from Korea. As president of International Creative Artists Association (21C ICAA) and chairman of World Culture Artists Association ( WCAA), she actively organizes and plans for local and international shows that promotes cooperation and oneness within the visual community. She graduated school of Fine Arts at the Hongik University in Korea. To further her artistic knowledge, she studied oil painting under Professor Igor Razdorgin from I. Repin Academy in St. Petersb Read more...urg in Russia. Lee’s active role in the promotion of visual arts, has allow her to get involve in planning, curating, and participating in many internal and external artistic activities such as the International Exchange Exhibition, International Art Festival, International Art Fair, International Biennale, International Symposium, International Seminar, International Workshop, International Mural Painting, World Youth Art Festival, World Women’s Contemporary Art Exhibition, etc. Lee, has so far held 35 solo exhibitions in numerous institutions and participated in many art activities in foreign countries like Russia, USA, China, Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Qatar, Jordan, Croatia, Latvia, Peru, Greece, India, Bangladesh, Macedonia, and Cyprus. In 2018, Lee was granted an award at Osten Biennale of Drawing Skopje in Macedonia , and in 2019 she has had her solo exhibit at Osten Biennale. In 2020, Lee will be joining the Langkawi Art Biennale in Langkawi, Malaysia.

Skills: convex engraving on rubber