Catherine Volk works in England and France. She divides her time between Spike Print Studio, located at Bristol and her own studio in Bordeaux. Her work is shown regularly in France and England. Catherine is a graduate from l’école des beaux-arts. “When I was student at the Beaux-art in France, I was mainly taught to draw traditional academic studies. Today I choose to observe characters in their daily life, this continues to form the main structure of my research. My work is vibrant and fluid, showing the mov Read more...ement of everyday life. I allow myself to create the drama of life in this dynamism. I am very committed to keeping the spontaneity of my sketches in my prints and I often use more than one image to represent my "stories". Each figure drew in my notebook take its place within my screenprints as a character evolving in a specific place. This has led me naturally to the development of artist's books. On the occasion of an exhibition of my work, I want the viewer to have the experience of having opened my sketchbooks and flipping through the pages looking at my pictorial proposal.

Everyday life and surrounding urban landscape influence my work. Without being a restrictive norm for me, I am interested in forgotten places which in my point of view often reflect the mutation of our society. I choose to explore abandoned places which pose a question; a problem to solve. Therefore, among my sources of inspiration, I've focus on the coal mines of Big Pit in Wales, closed by the government of Margaret Thatcher in 1980, the residence in danger "The Signal" of Soulac-sur- Mer evacuated in 2014, the barracks Niel of the right bank of Bordeaux disarmed in 2005.”

Skills: screenprint