Celeste Cerqueira


Celeste Cerqueira (1967) is an artist and develops work in the field of visual arts . Has a Masters in Visual Arts - Intermediate University of Évora with the thesis " The interdisciplinarity in some contemporary works of art" (2007). In this context, its theoretical and practical production includes new features and artistic practices such as promotion of the group "What is Watt ?" (since 2001) and most recently co- produced the Virtual Biennale presented in Vila Nova de Cerveira and the Biennale Dou Read more...ro Engraving. Lately it has been invited to participate in various exhibitions, which highlight the collective exhibition “Bienal da Maia – Lugares de Viagem” in the Maia Forum, presented the installation work "Our edges" and "Paradise" and the collective exhibition "Desobedoc – mostra de cinema insubmisso" in Cinema Batalha curated by José Maia, presented the installation "When is tomorrow?". This year participated in the exhibition "Um par = um ímpar" with the artist Silvestre Pestana at the Museum Teixeira Lopes (V. N. Gaia) and the exhibition "Em construção" with the artist Pedro Ruiz in Espaço Mira and curated by José Maia.

Skills: installations