She born in Naples in 1962. After graduating in Art Direction at the Ateneo Artistico of Milan, she worked together with different advertising studios for the creation of brands and advertising campaigns.  Her interests increased through painting on silk's stages in France and various types of calligraphy in Turin: Western, Persian and Japanese. Still in Turin she deepened the knowledge of watercolour, engraving and calligraphy techniques. She is currently studying and engraving at the Laboratorio d'Ar Read more...te 18 of Giuliana Consilvio in Milan.  Colour is a fundamental part of her works as well as the study of lights and gestures. She switched between graphic games, characterised by the simplicity of the lines,  and a more pictorial and refined elaboration of details. Also lights and shadows have the same relevance in the expressive graphic game. Both in watercolours and in engravings, the images emerge as memories in a sequence of lights and signs that invite the eye to pursue the story and the suggested movements. The main goal is to establish a dialogue, made of common languages, memories and emotions between the work and the observer. Each subject changes, not only according to the light but also according to the single perception, both of the observer and of the emotion or the moment captured by the artist herself. 

Skills: etching dry point