Born in Dörflach/Aflenz, Styria, Austria Professional training and education: Fashion Design and Textile Processing, Fachhochschule für Damenbekleidung (University of Applied Sciences), Bruck/Mur, Austria. Teaching qualification for Art and Handicrafts, Teachers Training College LSA, Wien. Diploma for Painting with Prof. Dr. Paul Zwittnig at the Kunst Akademie Graz (Fine Art Academy) and its affiliate in Rotterdam. Read more... International Art Award by Sylin, Stuttgard, Germany. Membership: Member of the Professional Association of Fine Arts, Austria Professional experince: Course facilitator at the Künstlerische Volkshochschule Wien (adult education institution), Vienna Culture Coaching within a pedagogiocal museum project, WienXtra, Vienna. Various art projects with internationl NPOs Longstanding contributions to exhibitions in Tokyo, New York, Rome, Stuttgart, Brussels, Kijew, Paris, Auckland, Budapest, Zadar, Olmütz, Munich, Bad Wiessee, Czestochowa, Paris, Zagreb, Trient etc Biennale Europ/ Blancs Manteaux /Paris Contributions to the Dokumentationszentrum für Moderne Kunst (Documentation Center for Modern Art), St. Pölten, Austria.

Skills: alugraphic