Edwin Wilson


An established Suffolk-based printmaker, Ed’s prints are founded on rhythms and asymmetrical intervals inspired by often ignored everyday objects. “I develop my ideas primarily through printmaking, most notably within relief and intaglio processes, often arranging and positioning separate plates on the printing press bed. Within my current practice lies the desire to create as simple a statement as possible, often utilising only “one cut”; in response to the commonplace objects and events that inspire them. Read more... I wish to celebrate both the act of print preparation as an intuitive response to developing ideas and the unique qualities it can bring to the surface of the final image.” Ed trained at Winchester School of Art 1968-69, Cardiff College of Art 1969-72 and University of Wales, Cardiff 1972-73. Ed has exhibited widely in the UK and his work is held in public and private collections in England, Wales, France, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia.

Skills: Relief carborundum carborundum print