Elmar Peintner


Elmar Peintner is today among the Austria’s most internationally renowned contemporary artists. Invitations to exhibitions in Austria, Europe, Asia, USA and further afield as well as awards won at international graphic art biennials in Belgium, Poland, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, the USA, Bulgaria, Sweden, Brazil and China confirm the continually growing reputation of this artist. In all of his works Peintner shows himself to be a reflective observer of both man and nature, but also as an artist for whom dr Read more...awing and painting always means challenging the established boundaries and look beyond the simple manifestation of man and nature. His “microcosmic examinations of shapes and forms” (Magdalena Hörmann) are always part of something bigger, which speaks of many general situations from life and personal experience, and yet his keenly observed and precisely reproduced analyses of human beings can also be seen as a metaphor for an ever changing nature. It isn’t so much the naturalistic depictions of nature that are at the forefront of his work, but rather the attempt to reach into the physical and emotional make-up of man through the realism of the microstructures of the vegetative state.

Skills: etching woodblock-print