Eva Choung-Fux


Eva Choung-Fux, born 1935 in Vienna/Austria. 1962 Mag. Art: Academy for Applied Arts Vienna. 1958–1960 and 1962–1968: family, 2 children, life and art-work in Japan and Korea. Teaching- assignments, jury member, curator, affiliations: 1968 –1993 University for Applied Arts Vienna 1970 –1998: guest-Prof. at Universities in Asia, Europe and USA. International group- and solo-exhibitions starting: 1958. From 1967 onwards distinctions, works in public space, public and private collections in Asia, Europe and USA: Read more...Sculptures, murals, stained glass work, painting, photography and print graphic art. International publications, catalogues, texts and 2015 monograph: ECF Continuing Connections ISBN 978-3-11-045840-4. Befriended with contemporary musicians and poets, her art too - forms part of our centuries protest, agony, defence, desire and hope. 2015 to 2019 and onwards, she continues to work in her Studio Ses Tanques in Campos, Mallorca / Spain.