Fabiola Mercandetti


Born in Rome, Italy. Engraver. Graduate of Artistic High School and Schools of Fine arts in Rome. Specialized in Printmaking. She works mainly burin (line engraving). Publications : an “Essay On History Of Line Engraving” (Sette donne a bulino, 2007). She starts working to non toxic printmaking with Marco Innocenzi in 2005 and she wrote a book about non toxic: “Incisione Blu”, 2014 with notes by Nik Semenoff, E.Aizier and P. Mora. She wrote an article with Porf.ssa E.Figueras and Prof.sa Maria Causa in 2015. Read more... She started teaching printmaking in 2011 (Italian Association, Rome) and she teaches and does non toxic printmaking and burin workshops (2013 to 2015). She lives and works in Rome. Fabiola and Marco Innocenzi did a site dedicated to Master of burin: www.occhiodellincisore.com and Blue Etching on Facebook. She has participated at Internationals and Nationals Exhibitions. Member of the Italian Society Printmakers: Ali.

Skills: burin


11th Biennial
10th Biennial
8th Biennial