Georgia Grigoriadou


Born in 1975. She graduated Business Administration while studding stained glass and puppets making by pappies masse and holds a master in Information Systems. From 2005 to 2013 she attended the print making center “HELIOS” in Thessaloniki, Greece. She had taught stained glass and participates in several group shows and an individual. She created the puppets-show group “Fourfouri” in Serres and acting for two years. She is funding member of artist group TeeToTuM organizing several mail-art exhibitions, ar Read more...t projects and symposiums. The last years she is involved in printing, digital art and installations and collages. She has participate in many group exhibitions such as in Greece, Holland, Bangladesh, France, Argentina, Serbia, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Serbia, Usa, Colombia, Hungary, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Nepal, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey.

Skills: digital print