Greta Cune (1947, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) lived with her parents in the United States and Mexico. She resides with her husband, musician Arthur Cune, in The Hague (The Netherlands). In her artwork she uses, besides printmaking, pen & ink, gouache, photography, stencils, collage, textiles, sometimes supplemented with text. She studied art at the Universidad de las Americas, Mexico City and San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, both in Mexico, and, through a scholarship, psychodrama at the Moreno Institute, Beacon, N.Y., ass Read more...ociated with New York University, N.Y. After graduating, she settled first in Mexico City and then in The Netherlands where she worked for many years as a full-time, and later part-time, therapist in the Dutch national health system. While working part-time, she completed a BA and MA initial program at The Hague Royal Academy of Arts. Solo exhibits include, combined with residencies, Purdue University (IN) and School of Art, Woodstock (NY), as well as museums and galleries in The Hague, Rotterdam, Mexico City, and New York City. Her work was included in group exhibitions in Berlin, Hamburg, Tel Aviv, New York City, Chicago, Amsterdam among others.

Skills: digital impression