Born in Northern Jutland, Denmark, 1965.
As an artist I work with drawing, watercolour and intaglio.
I have worked with oil, acrylics, collage and mixed media.
I have participated in more than 100 exhibitions 
in Denmark and abroad over the past 30 years. Education and courses:
1986: 3 months, folk high school, Medielinien, Bjerringbro
1990: 1 year, drawing school, Grafisk Skole, Aarhus
1995: 3 months, layout at Mousehouse, Aarhus
2001-02: The Graphic Arts Inst. of Denmark, Copenhagen
2004: 6 month Read more...s, classical drawing, The Animation Workshop, Viborg Participated in the following projects:
Poetry/art project "Liv og Løgne" (Life and Lies) with AlSadi, 1991
Poetry/art project, "Ildfisken" with Carsten Rene, 1992
Illustrated "Melonmarken", published by Skrivinda, nr. 2 1993
Poetry/art project, "Skabelse" (Creation) with Karen Soegaard, Nordick Institut, Aarhus University, 1993-94.
Connected with Frederikshavns Art Library, 1994
"Artist of the Week", Testrup Folk High School, 1993 + 1994
"East Gate", Aarhus Festival 1995, installation, Store Torv
Illustrated "Danske Noter" no. 1 1999, Dansklærerforeningen
"The Horse and the Soft Animal", Hinnerup Kulturhus, 2001
Performed "Kraka Prisen" for Aarhus University, 2002
Cover drawings for Davenport: "Out into Nothing", 2008
Permanent exhibition at Gjern Skole, "Intermezzo", 2006.
I have been in the board of Galleri Franciska, Denmark for 8 years. 
In the same period, I was a freelance drawing artist for the magazine "CekvinaNyt", 
published by Aarhus University. Layouter at the art magazine "Kunst" for 8 years.

Skills: drypoint on cobber