United States

Hugh Merrill began his artistic career in 1969 at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. Very quickly he found himself focused on printmaking, specifically working on etchings of the urban environment in the 1970's. He resisted the term landscape as a description of his work, feeling the term looked backward towards a time when the relationship between mankind and nature was dominated by romantic ideas of progress. Instead, Merrill referred to these etchings as real-estatescapes, a phrase me Read more...ant to represent the dominance of society over nature. Nature had been divided up for the economic benefit of industrial corporations. Landscapes were for sale, and he wanted his prints and drawings to confront this reality. His early affinity for printmaking was due in part to an undiagnosed learning disability that made it extremely difficult for him to read. To his eyes, the white spaces of a page dominated the text and the entire page vibrated before him. He often saw words in reverse. Not surprisingly, printmaking's reliance on the reversal of the drawn image became a natural area of investigation. He discovered a means to achieve his vision, and printmaking became his primary means of expression for the next four decades.

Skills: etching