Joonas Vähäsöyrinki


Joonas Vähäsöyrinki, M.A. (Art and Design), lives in Oulu in northern Finland. He works as a freelance artist and art teacher in Oulu. Vähäsöyrinki studied art in the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi. He gained his Master's degree in 1998. Vähäsöyrinki is a member of Finnish Painters´Union, a member of Oulu Artists' Association, member of the association of Finnish Illustrators and member of Finnish Woodcut Artists Society. Joonas Vähäsöyrinki paints, draws, engraves Read more...and designs. Printing Woodcut Art is one of his favourite techniques. His works often combine several techniques of visual art. The artist finds his motifs in nature, in the built environment and in people. He often paints sensitive childhood issues. For Vähäsöyrinki, light is an element for visual representation. He is inspired by light, shadow, rhythm, colour and atmosphere.

Skills: woodcut