Judy gittelsohn

United States

Judy Gittelsohn is a painter and print maker living in Northern California. Her artworks are collected around the globe by individuals and by corporations. www.judyg.com Judy has worked steadily in the community bringing art to at risk youth, people with disabilities and to the general public. It is in her make up to support and encourage all her students and artists to better their art vocabulary and their enjoyment of art. In Addition, Judy is a Golden Paints Certified Working Artist. Golden is an American Co Read more...mpany dedicated to making top quality paint for professional artists. She educates artists about the vast variety of Golden products and their uses. I am interested in shapes, planes, layers and the places where these intersect. The narrative and the emotions of an image absorb me; equally the continuum and the interruption. The subjects I present are situated in an atmosphere and featured like a portrait. I abstract my subject into dimensional shapes, waves and transparent sweeps. I take turns and twists on these symbols developing their mythical character. Each symbol becomes a portrait, an emotional narrative. My objects do not have to stand or support. They can float and fly and disappear and reveal and take us where physics cannot.

Skills: monotype