Jutta Fricke


She is printmaking artist and also painter from Germany. Born 1950 in Holzminden in Germany she now lives and works in Germany and in South of France. Since 2006 her art work has been presented at numerous international exhibitions. After using only traditional techniques of etching she has also started to combine different techniques such as collage, monotype, fototransfer, natural material, …, and recently non-toxic techniques. Artist statement: My work tells stories. I’am very curious and I do a lot of expe Read more...riments. My art work is intensely influenced by my imagination and my emotions. I like writing poems and I’am very interested in finding a link between my words and my printings. I’am always looking for the story behind the story. I like playing with different plates and as a result I discover, new, often hidden unexpected stories.

Skills: soft ground etching etching