I have grown up amidst the environment filled with art because my father is the well-known artist who graduated in a faculty of arts also have his own business related the knowledge that he has obtained. More over my older brother’s also interested in the arts like our father, by these unavoidable causes I have absorbed, followed their way and can not deny that I was infatuated with arts. Due to hard work of practice drawing, painting etc. along my student life in the vocational college I can entrance Silpakorn univ Read more...ersity in faculty of arts and chose printmaking as my major like my father and my brother. There are not only so much expectations from my parents but also the comparisons from people around me about my education and works. People talked and judged me in the way they though but I was not be like that and no one knew who I actually was. For many years I have tried so hard in every way to change the comparison to be the compliment. Until I questioned myself “All these things I’ve done are for me or whom?”. Because of being afraid to losing myself I have started to protect myself and expressed my thoughts and feelings clearly through my printmaking artworks so the audiences can access them also has get to know myself well however I’m more satisfy who I am on my own way.

Skills: mezzotint