Ladijana Zavodnik


The paintings and graphics of Ladijana Zavodnik are like a theater of memories in space and time. As a palimpsest they rediscover the secrets of old, forgotten and blurred records in the field of modern technology. Born September 6, 1975 in Ljubljana, holds MA in Painting (2008), in Traditional Graphic Art (Printmaking) (2003), and BA in Industrial Design (2000) at Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Between 2000 and 2004 she upgraded her graphics knowledge in Urbino, Italy. In her works of art the terms such Read more... as the feminine, the mystic, the exciting and the primeval are touched. Her work is characterized by a high-level of poeticism and aesthetisation. In Slovenia and abroad she participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions.

Skills: etching gliclle print