Leena Golnik


I am born 1946 in Helsinki. I work and live in Vantaa. I am a graphic artist but I have made also oil paintings and small sculptures. My art is based mainly in nature and animals. I like especially dogs and you can see a lot of them in my works. My methods in graphics are intaglio and now mainly pvc-engraving. I have attended several courses of art in years 1978- 1994. I have also searched influence to my art in residences in Sweden 2004, Austria 2012, Italy 2013, Hungary 2013 and Greece 2014. I have had 21 solo exhib Read more...itions in Finland and one in Sweden. I have participated in more than 140 group and international exhibitions in Europe, North- and South America, Asia and Africa. I am a member of professional art organisation in Finland, Artists Association of Finnish Printmakers, and three other art groups.

Skills: pvc-engraving carborundum chine collé carborundum