The material I chose for creation is old photos, which correspond to the concept of memory. Memories are a kind of feeling to me, a kind of feeling about life and about the past. The work like "The Wedding" actually completely shaped oneself. When I was young, I always sneaked through my mother's wardrobe, and my mother hid her wedding clothes in the innermost part of the wardrobe. As soon as my mother went to work, I took it out and put it on myself. This memory has always been in my heart. Childhood expe Read more...rience is undoubtedly a potential prerequisite for personalization. This consciousness forms a new form through the picture, not only in a nostalgic way, but also hopes that the picture conveys a kind of mysterious personal emotion. The work takes a child's perspective to peep the "privacy" of the individual as an adult. Produced through the external connection between the subject and the object, it mirrors a certain dark consciousness in human nature, and is related to the relationship between people and themselves, between people and things, and between people and others. From the technical point of view, it is a kind of woodcut woodcut, which can produce very delicate knife touch. My creation uses "dots", tens of thousands of dots make up the picture, and it takes about a month to complete each work.

Skills: woodcut woodcut