Maarit Lipsanen-Rogers


Maarit Lipsanen-Rogers As a printmaker I like to work on wood, so my artwork consists mainly of woodcuts, but I also like to combine it with other printmaking methods, such as etching, monotype and cyanotype. When studying art, I had great difficulties in deciding between painting, sculpture and printmaking, so now I jump over the fences, make sculptural shapes with prints, add what-have-you to them, experiment. I studied art in England,St Albans College of Art (where I also trained as an art therapist), and in Read more...Finland Pori Art School. Since 2001 I have been taking part in exhibitions in Finland and abroad (England, Japan, Austria, Canada, Slovenia), both solo and in groups. And this year to the hot Douro summer: a cool breeze from North, my winter pond!

Skills: woodcut


11th Biennial
10th Biennial