Born in 1990, in Warsaw, Poland. She obtained the bachelor degree (culture studies) and MFA in Printmaking and Graphic Design at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (2017), in the studio of Professor Anna Janusz Strzyż and Assistant Professor Mariusz Gorzelak. Now she is a PhD student in Printmaking. She examines the fragment, its meaning and the possibility of establishing its creative strategy. She is also interested in its relationship with the whole. By analyzing the perspectives that opens th Read more...e artist's conscious use of the fragment, she is checking whether and what you can talk about by using it. Fragments confront the viewer with what remains visible but also letting us think about what is hidden. Fragments express very unique dichotomies: created versus found, despotic and triggering, ruined or survived, past and future. She took part in more than 90 exhibitions worldwide and had 5 solo exhibitions.



10th Biennial