Nathalie Douillard


Nathalie Douillard was born in France in 1972 where she lived until her 9 years old then she mooved with her family to Portugal. In 1991 Nathalie Douillard came back to Paris for her studies. She graduated a Licence of art at the University of Paris VIII. She followed severals workshops in France and Portugal: painting, sculpture and engraving. After been graduated Nathalie Douillard worked with watercolor and installations inspired on the church's architecture and the feeling and emotion they are made for creatin Read more...g on the visitor. Now for fourteen years she interess herself on the space conquest and became to question what are the consequences that the zero gravity creates on our perception of the world. Nathalie Douillard lasts works question the role of the ground gravity about the architectural elements and what highlights the state in weightlessness on our mode of representation. She participated at collective exhibitions as the Salon d’Automne in 2002 in Paris. In 2011 at the Art Metz, internationale contemporary art fair, Metz, France. And at the Les Hivernales, contemporary exhibition, in 2011, Paris-est Montreuil, France. She was invited as artist guest to participate in 2005 at the second Space Auriol Meeting, Auriol, France. In 2007 she exhibited at the women's collective exhibition, Gallery of the Department of justice, Lisbon, Portugal. And in 2015 was show a video of her work at the Fifth Free International Forum, Bolognano, Pescara, in Italy .Her first solo exhibition was in 2001 at the Galery-library Cha no Deserto, Sintra, Portugal. In 2009 the Town Hall of Nantes in France, offered her the opportunity to exhibit her work on weightlessness. Her next solo exhibition will be in 2017 at the Kerdurand catle in riantec, France.

Skills: linocut linoleum