Nelson Edi Hohmann (NEEHO). Curitiba City, Brasil. 1966. "Nelson live and Works in Curitiba City, gratuated by FAP/PR, participates in art show, Eigth individual and several exibitions coletive since the 90's. Works in privates and publics collections – MUSA Collections Museum of Art of the Federal Univercity of Paraná. - Weisman Art Museum, Univercity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. - Brazil-United states Cultural Center, Inter Art Gallery, Curitiba, BR. - National library/ Fundation of Rio de Janeiro, Read more...Rio de Janeiro, Br. - Social Service of Commerce, SESC-Esquina Art Gallery, Curitiba, BR. Acadèmic training. 2005 – "Pos-graduation in History of modern Art Contemporary Art" by School of Music and Fine Arts of Paraná, Embap/Unespar. Curitiba, BR. 91/1992 – Pos-Graduation in Education Grounded in Art", by the Univercity Tuiuti of Paraná, BR. 87/1990 – Graduation in Arts Education (plastic art), by Faculty of Arts of Paraná, BR. Individual exibitions. 2012 – Exhibition "RECORTES" Engraving and Object, SESC - Paço da Liberdade, Curitiba, Br. 2005 – Exhibition "Serigraphs and Object of Wall", Jokers Pub Café. Curitiba, Br. 2002 – Exibition "Arquiteture of object; Arqueology of body", engraving and serigraphs. Annex of the Alfredo Andersen Museum. Curitiba, Br. 98/1999 - Exhibition "10 X 10". Linoleum print, Espace II, Gravura Museun City of Curitiba, Curitiba, Br. 1995 – Exhibition: "The Dimension of the Serigraph making – Serigrafic Módules" Hall the library of PUC/Pr. Pontífical Universidade Catholic of Paraná. Curitiba, Br. 1994 - Exhibition "The Support and the Dimension of Serigráfic printmaking". Interatic Art Gallery Brasil -United States of America. Curitiba, Br. 1993 – Exhibition: "The Cutout, The folding and the dimensional assembly of the serigraph engraving" Exhibition Hall Gilda Belczak, Museun of engraving of Curitiba. Curitiba, Br. 1992 – Exhibition: "Eyes and ties", (Serigraph engraving). SESC – Esquina Social Service Exhibitions. Curitiba, Br.

Skills: serigrafia serigraphy