French/Dutch Artist with Spanish roots. As child and adolescent, grew up in Paris by her aunt’s…She lived in diverse countries and came at later time to The Netherlands. Art Studies: As child, she begun at 3 years old when drawing signs on the floor and on the walls. Later at tenth’s, she get her first lessons of art by the French artist PASQUIER in Paris where she learn the first steps in art technic During this period, she could have the favor to follow some workshops from Richard Mortensen to under Read more...stand the essence of abstract art. Back to the Netherlands, She decided to change her life. she studied first at 1980 - 1985 FREE ACADEMY OF FINE ART – THE HAGUE – THE NETHERLANDS 1985 - 1990 ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ART – THE HAGUE – THE NETHERLANDS and received her graduation in painting and graphic art: Diploma in 1990

Skills: original color etching