Nubia Landell


Nubia Landell was born in Durango, Mexico in 1977 and lives between Torino, Italy and Chur - GR, Switzerland. So he started painting professionally in 1996 pursuing her strong interest in color. This led her on a journey to Nepal, Singapore and Thailand to discover new pigments. Following those experiences Nubia Landell also started experimenting with other techniques like graphics, photography, and so forth. Nubia Landell is a versatile artist, endowed with a strong desire for new challenges, with the curiosity Read more... to modify and experiment with new techniques. Her artwork has been exhibited in Germany, Latvia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Since 2011 she has worked as manager for Lithographie- und Radierwerkstatt Schloss Haldenstein - GR in Haldenstein, Switzerland. In 2018 she cofounded the Printing Studio (Atelier) “OPEN TO PRINTMAKERS” which deals almost 100% with original printmaking, in Torino, Italy.

Skills: injekt print inkjet