Olga Flores


Olga Flores, born in Lima, has a degree in printmaking and education by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru, 1987/2004, where he teaches. Master in Cultural Management, Heritage and Tourism (USMP, 2012). Diploma Pedagogical use of Museums (2015). Recent exhibitions: Expo Mujer, Cultural Center Perú - Brazil 2015. Melancholy, alienated world (individual), Victor Brecheret, Atibaia, SP, Brazil, 2015. 9th Triennial Chameleres 2014. 7th Biennial of Douro 2014. 2nd Global Print 2015. Biennial Cerveira 2015. XVIII Read more... Agawami Miniature Print Exhibition 2015. AL INCISIONI FEMMINILE 2015. Prizes and mentions: 1st Prize of Engraving PUCP, 1987. Honorable Mentions, Living ICPNA XXI and XXII, Peru. 1st Place, course and 1 Peruvian Photography Kodak Photography Award Growing with Peru, Aeroperú (1998). 2nd Prize Photography Hellman, 1998. Honorable Mention, V Biennial Esquisito, Atibaia, SP. Brazil, 2010.



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