Orly Kadosh

United States

Orly Elkayam Kadosh is a multidisciplinary artist who uses her chosen mediums to articulate her physical world of the abstractly sublime and where it meets the esoteric vibrational resonance of the existential now. She creatively conveys the depth and complexity of the human construct, how humans perceive our environment, and our relationship to our own intuition. Her journey as an artist is to observe the disparate views of accepted societal norms and, through the experiences of herself and others, offer diverse view Read more...points that cross all ethnic and time space boundaries. In an elegant synchronicity, Kadosh melds ancient wisdom with modern empowerment. She explores the infinite possibilities of new life while honoring the death of things that no longer serve us in a way that is beautifully without judgment but with an acknowledgment of what was. When viewing Kadosh’s work, there is an invitation to investigate accepted truths as she weaves a record of the perception of what is possible in a synchronistic loop that is without imposed questions or answers. With an ease of the concept of time as a purposeful limitation in our physical construct and with a greater understanding that all is happening now, Kadosh takes us on a journey where we can walk right to the edge of our own limitations. Her work objectively surveys the line of what we do and do not believe is possible. Utilizing a diverse range of mediums such as clay, paper, paint, fiber, oil, and cold wax, Kadosh takes us to the cradle of civilization itself with a graceful juxtaposition of our current reality. Her artwork conveys human perception within its self imposed limitations, joining with it an invitation to experience more of the nonphysical dimensions and a celebration of the exploration in its entirety.