Prue Macdougall

New Zealand

New Zealand born artist, Prue MacDougall studied printmaking at the Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction in 1985 and was awarded the Auckland University Annual Prize of Excellence in Fine Arts in the same year. Prue MacDougall’s art practice is full of whimsical narratives that metaphorically reflect her personal experiences. Using traditional and innovative printmaking techniques, she creates works in two and three dimensions on paper and in Read more... metal with pearls, feathers and other found objects that puzzle and amuse. In these latest works, the portrait images appear to be semi-disguised in botanical masquerade. Prue's fascination with the Victorian encoded language of flowers guides her choice of flowers to depict in each work. In giving of a hibiscus, for example, one was acknowledging the delicate beauty of the receiver, a flower that is commonly worn by women in the South Pacific. Prue’s work is exhibited regularly in print conferences and biennials, and has received numerous awards internationally.

Skills: photopolymer intaglio