Regina Carmona


Regina Carmona, artist master in visual poetics, BA and MA at Art University of Sao Paulo, art coordinator and cultural activist, her projects incorporate a field of research and nutrition through art involving her personal path of live and relations with being and nature. Her work mixed media with print, installation and photography has been internationally featured in solo and collective exhibitions as: Triennial Krakow (Poland/Germany); Ourense Biennial (Spain); Biennial Douro (Portugal); Mus​eum of Contempo Read more...rary Art from São Paulo; Gallery of Latin American Memorial; Museum of Contemporary Art Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Art Hame Foundation (Finland); Florest Reserve of Ipanema (Brazil); Global Art fair (Spain); Ambient Exterior Park Umania symposium (Slovack); Siddaganga Architecture University, Sanskriti Museums (India).Lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Skills: etching digital print