Reinhold Neururer


Born 1957/ lives in Tarrenz – Austria/ 1972 – 1976 technical school for artisans at the technical high school in Innsbruck/1982 examination for the masters certificate of joinery/ pedagogical academy for professions Innsbruck/ 1983 – 2008 teacher at the technical high school Imst// 2000 international summer academy in Salzburg// 2008 award winner at the competition for fine arts of the art forum Montafon – Austria//2009 + 2012 Bad Ragarts Swiss Triennale of sculpture//2011 + 2015 Höhler Biennale – Art under Read more... the old town of Gera – Germany//since 1993 exhibitions and participations at different symposiums in Austria and abroad.

Skills: digital print digital printed foil