Ricardo Jorge


Raised in his Motherland, Mozambique, Ricardo is currently living his childhood dream, flying as an Airline Pilot. He also engages in a slightly newer passion, the arts. Ricardo finds himself constantly challenging himself as s visual artist and immersing himself into multidisciplinary projects ranging from illustration to video-artinstallations. Folowing his 3rd Solo Art Exhibition, “Heands Up” the emerging artist is set to release his most recent project, “Bits Of Maputo”. An audiovisual project composed by Read more...photomontages, a video art installation and a catalogue aimed at provoking a dialogue about space awareness and how each citizen perceives the space(the city) in which they are enveloped and how they interact with it. Influenced by pop culture, contemporary Mozambican arts and his surroundings, Ricardo draws inspiration from life and nature. The self thought artist, intends to continue his never-ending quest for dialogue about existence by creating thought-provoking work.

Skills: acrylic stencil