Rita Marhaug


Rita Marhaug is born in Bergen, Norway in -65. She holds a MA in fine art from Bergen Academy of Art and Design, KHIB (-89) and a BA in history of art from the University of Bergen, UiB (-96). Until July -13 she worked as professor at KHIB, Dept of Fine Art. Since the early -90's she has participated in a great numbers of solo- and group exhibitions and performance festivals both in Norway and internationally. Important tools of expression are printmaking, drawings, photo, artist books, video and performance. Her Im Read more...ages often problematizes perception. Inner and outer horizons characterize our thoughts and actions. Describing our surroundings, the horizon line denotes the meeting between sky and sea. But we also realize that this is only reality from our own point of view, an illusion from a distance. Technically, she likes to switch between new and old methods, objects and non-objects in her art production.

Skills: woodcut


11th Biennial
8th Biennial