Sarit Laila Haas was born in 1955. She lives and works in Israel, and she studied art at the Rietveldt Academy of Art Amsterdam (1994-1996), studied drawing and drawing studies at the Avni Institute, Graduated from etching workshop at the Artists' House in Tel Aviv (2010-2014), and most recently participated in an artist studio (2014-2018). Most of her work in the past five years corresponds to her autobiographical story: in. review of photo albums alongside the posters of children who were murdered in the Holo Read more...caust or in a traumatic event. She had participated in solo exhibitions at the Artists' House in Tel Aviv, including etching with the curator Ilya Bogdowski (in 2012) and in painting with the curator Arie Berkowitz (in 2017). She is a member of the professional association of plastic artists in Israel.

Skills: hand print collograph etching